Get the Most Out of Your Office Desk Space Through Organisation

It is almost common knowledge: no matter how big the desk, there is never enough room for anything. Our office desks represent who we are and what we do, and with such busy schedules, that can encompass quite a lot. As such, it’s important to get the most out of our desk space, which can be done via organisation.


The first and most practical piece of advice for maximising office desk space revolves around grouping together like items. A laptop and laptop accessories should be in one spot, reading materials in another, office supplies in one section and any inbox items someplace else. Some items in particular – such as cables, modems and other small but seldom-used electronics – can be conveniently organised and hidden behind your computer monitor, or even kept in drawers with proper planning and a few drilled holes.


Many desks may feature a set of drawers and a large space underneath in which movement from side to side is easy. Many people do not find themselves in the need for all of this under-desk space, and will utilise it to their advantage. An additional filing cabinet may be added, detachable shelving can be installed, or even larger pieces of office furniture and equipment – such as printers – may find a more suitable home near your feet than on the desk.


If your desk is against a wall, then consider how much space can be freed up by utilising this free and open vertical space! Whether you wish to move seldom-used items to higher ground or need extra space for a few new pieces of office furniture (such as a lamp), vertical storage makes sense in many cramped office settings – which is usually what we face. A properly-planned set of vertical shelves made to the same length as the desk can provide as much storage space as the entire desk itself, albeit broken into smaller sections.

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