Ergonomic Under-desk Foot Rest / Foot Rocker


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PS-FRR02 Ergonomic Under-desk Foot Rest / Foot Rocker 2-in-1 Tilt ± 45°

The PS-FRR02 Foot Rest/Rocker was designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. Simply flip over to switch between two height positions: 65 mm and 95 mm. High position also offers larger rocking motion, low position offers gentle motion. There are massage bumps on both sides of the platform to rejuvenate tired feet and relieve work related stress.

  • Foot Rest and Foot Rocker 2-in-1, relax or exercise as you wish
  • Foot Rest keeps legs elevated for improved posture and circulation, helps reduce pressure on the lower back
  • Foot Rocker rejuvenates tired feet and relieves work related stress
  • Anti-slip design for better stability and control while your feet are resting on the generous platform (502 mm x 277 mm)
  • The platform rocks freely between -10° and 10° at low setting and -45° and 45° at high setting, giving you a comfortable position while sitting

The PS-FRR02 offers foot rest and foot rocker in one compact design. Foot rest helps prevent leg and back discomfort through improved posture and circulation. Foot rocker rejuvenates tired feet and relieves work related stress.

Compliant with UK ergonomic standard, the Foot Rest/Rocker helps to improve the health and well-being of the office workers.

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