Anti-Fatigue Mat


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PS-AFM02B Anti-Fatigue Mat Companion for Standing Desks & Sit-Stand Workstations

  • Thick cushioned layer made from durable & elastic PU foam , support your feet and relieve stress
  • Ideal add-on to height adjustable standing desks and Sit-Stand workstations
  • Elegant engraved top surface and anti-slip bottom, water-resistant and easy to clean
  • PS-AFM02 anti-fatigue mat size: 51x78x1.6 cm (20x31x0.63 inch)

Standing on hard floors for a long time often causes back pain or pain in the feet. The PS-AFM02 anti-fatigue mat provide your feet with a cushioned layer of support, and relieve the stress to your feet. When in front of a sit-stand desk, boosts your energy and productivity

The anti-fatigue mat is made from high density PU foam with excellent elasticity and durability. It can resist the wear and tear of shoes and chairs.

The anti-fatigue mat collapses under pressure and spring back into original shape when the pressure is removed.

Non-slip top and non-skid bottom

The PS-AFM02 anti-fatigue mat has an elegant engraved top that keeps slipping to minimum, and a non-skid bottom to keep your feet safe.

PS-AFM02 Anti-Fatigue Mat Specifications

– Overall size:20″ x 31″ x 0.63″ (51 x 78 x 1.6cm)
– Material: High density PU foam
– Product Weight:1.5 kg
– Weight capacity: 150 kg

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