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The PS-GSS061 Sit-Stand workstation is a new ergonomic office furniture designed for busy professionals, you can change position from sit to stand with a simple pull. It keeps you pro-active, energetic, and more efficient in your workspace.

The GSS061 Sit-Stand workstation works as a desk converter. It simply sit on top of your existing desk and convert it to a height adjustable desk, without any changes to your existing desk required, simple and easy.

There is a grommet mount hole pre-drilled to the top shelf, making it easy to mount compatible monitor arms, like our AVM0-, AVM10-, AVA10-, AVA20-, AVA30- series, offering you even healthier working postures.

  • Gas spring assisted height adjustment, change position from sitting to standing with one pull in smooth motion
  • Helps reduce sitting hours and focus more on work, Helps alleviate lower back pain and extend life expectancy
  • Heavy-duty steel frame with MFC tops, support up to 15Kg / 33lbs
  • Integrate keyboard tray, and phone / tablet mounting slot
  • Grommet mount holes on the top, compatible with our AVM0-, AVM10-, AVA10-, AVA20-, AVA30- series monitor arms Call sales for more details 01604 863881

Sitting for over 4 hours a day may lead to disrupted blood sugar levels, increased blood pressure, and back pain. Reducing to less than 3 hours a day could increase your life expectancy by up to 2 years.


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